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École Kingston East Starts ESports Team

By Fawwaz Muhammad-Yusuf Global News

Posted July 6, 2022 4:59 pm

For this game of soccer, the players at Kingston East Elementary trade their cleats for controllers.

Electronic sports, or esports, is a form of competition using video games. With the industry experiencing a boom over the past decade a lot of schools have started developing their own teams.

“I sort of looked into what we could do here, at our school, and just sort of browsing through twitter a lot of other teachers have apparently been doing the same thing,” said Evan Hulse, a faculty member and the creator of the team.

Once Hulse got the ball rolling he says the program was showered with support from both the parents and faculty.

“I think they are also excited to see how into it the kids are, our first practice we had probably six or seven teachers drop in just to see what’s going on.”

This game is rocket league— a cross between soccer and racing.

“I’ve heard of the game before, but then my mums like hey let’s try it, so then that’s how I started playing rocket league,” said 10 year old team member Sofia Elizabeth Brown.

Professional players in these leagues make millions of dollars, but these youngsters pick up controllers mostly for fun.

“I sometimes try to score a 0 second goal like what he did, it was very famous his 0 second goal,” said 10- year-old Liam Merchant who emulates his game after one of his heroes, Justin Morales.

The Kingston team at Kinston east elementary are hoping to build on their spring success and grow their Esports team when school returns in the fall.


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