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Board of Directors


Matt Kovacs


Matt is a passionate educator and STEAM Consultant in Ontario; a second career teacher who originally started in the field of Computer Engineering Technology. He has held a number of positions in education at both the school and system-level over the past 10 years, and continues to dedicate his life's work to empowering and encouraging youth to pursue their own interests and dreams. 

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Vice Chair

Matthew Wannamaker

Matt is a Science and Physics secondary teacher at Christ the King Catholic Secondary School.  A lifelong gamer since his parents got him the first NES at the age of four, he has always loved the competitive and collaborative spirit that comes with gaming. 

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Daniel Rolo is a junior/intermediate teacher with the St. Clair Catholic District School Board specializing in the integration and implementation of STEM technologies and concepts, particularly the integration of interactive 3D technologies such as the Unreal Engine. 

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Director of Finance and Operations

Daniel Rolo

We are looking for dedicated volunteers who are passionate about scholastic esports to join the OSEA team.  If you're interested in helping to grow and develop scholastic esports in Ontario, please get in touch!

Our Mission

OSEA is a not-for-profit organization founded and run by educators and esports coaches that supports Ontario schools interested in implementing a robust scholastic esports program.  Our mission is to create high-quality, student-centred learning experiences through scholastic esports by providing curriculum, competition, and community for all students to use esports as a platform to grow. 

Our Vision

Game tournament

As gamers ourselves, we love creating fun and rewarding competitive experiences for students.  But scholastic esports is about more than just gaming. Our vision is to use esports as a platform for students to learn what’s important.  We will: 


  • empower students and coaches to create safe, inclusive spaces for everyone and teach them how to protect those spaces through self-advocacy and bystander intervention training.

  • help coaches and students make the connections among gaming, social & emotional learning, health & wellness, and digital citizenship.

  • provide opportunities for students to learn about career pathways by leveraging collegiate and professional partnerships as well as teach coaches how to create hands-on experiences with jobs in the esports ecosystem.

  • work directly with all stakeholders of a school district to align their goals and strategic plan with our vision, but we also know that growing game-changing students doesn’t just happen in the classroom. We are committed to supporting community organizations like libraries, religious & community centers, and after-school programs who want to use esports as a powerful teaching tool.

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Our Core Values

LEARNING » We connect learning and play in and out of the classroom so that students, educators, and families experience the real-world value of education through interest-driven learning.


OPPORTUNITY » We value safe and engaging opportunities for all students to connect, play, learn, and grow.


COMMUNITY » We believe fostering a strong community of interconnected scholastic athletes who demonstrate leadership, accountability, commitment, and teamwork is good for students, schools, and all of Ontario.


INCLUSION » We develop strong character and self-identity so that all participants celebrate individuality and differences.

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