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VALORANT Provincial League · Wednesdays, Feb. 7th to 28th
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This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored 
by Riot Games, Inc., or Valorant Esports.

Registration closes February 2, 2024!


Rated TEEN by ESRB

All players competing in the OSEA Provincial Valorant League MUST be 13 years of age or older as of Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

It is the responsibility of coaches to ensure that every member of the registered team fulfills the age requirement and is eligible to compete.

In the event that a player does not meet the age requirement, his or her team shall be disqualified from this tournament.  In addition, the team and the team's school may be banned from future competitions with OSEA.


Please complete and submit a separate form for each team you are registering!  Schools are permitted to register a maximum of 5 teams for each active membership.

NOTE: Coaches MUST be registered on our Discord server as this is the primary method of communication between OSEA and coaches.

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Registration for our VALORANT Provincial League is now CLOSED!
Looking forward to seeing you next season!

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